Best Casein Protein From Progenex

Casein Protein From Progenex

Supplements are used to speed up the process for which it is actually intended. That is why supplements are taken as additional advantage and not as a main source. It will increase the needed energy in the body as fast as possible so that the body builder and the athlete will get needed energy immediately. Athletes need instant result so that they can give better and consistent performance in the field. The body builders need faster muscle growth so that they can shape it to ideal choice. No athletes or body builders and the persons practicing fitness can get needed results faster as expected just by food intake and workouts. Mere food intake and workout will give gradual results and it will take time to get the expected results.

The one of the best supplement that can be much beneficial for the body builders, athletes and fitness interested persons is casein protein. The best casein protein in the market can be Cocoon from progenex brand. Casein protein is largely found in the protein available in the milk. The milk of the cow has largest amount of casein protein as it ranges to 80 percent and the rest 20 percent of protein is Whey protein. Casein protein is rich in bioactive peptide which promotes the muscle growth. To maintain the quality of the bioactive peptide in the milk it is extracted using filtration process. Casein protein increases the immunity in the body and hence it is good for health in various ways.

As per the research Casein protein has slow digestive protein because of the gel that is produced by the protein in the gut. Due to the slow digestion of protein it increases the proteins synthesis and releases needed amount of amino acids in the blood stream. The protein synthesis and the amino acids released in the blood will be active for many hours but in case of whey protein it will be active only less than an hour. Casein protein enters the blood slowly for increasing the protein synthesis. Casein does protein synthesis and whey does protein breakdown and both are most important for faster muscle growth. Casein protein and whey protein from progenex is much effective and faster.

Casein proteins stimulates protein synthesis, prevents muscle wasting, speed recovery, increases lean muscle mass and strength, enhances satiety, improves immunity, reduce blood pressure, boosts mood and improves sleep. Since it has enormous benefits, you have to buy it from best brand so that you can experience all the benefits without fail. Prefer Cocoon from Progenex so that you can get expected results in short time.

It is very important to use Casein protein at right time so that you can experience the full advantage. It is advised to take casein protein before going to bed as the body needs it for the entire hours of sleep.  Since this is slow in absorption as it is slowly digested this will be best for protecting your muscles not to be damaged. Whey protein will not be useful for you if you take it before sleeping because it has faster absorption rate.