Are you someone who is struggling hard to quit your bad habit of smoking? No matter how long you’ve been addicted to smoking tobacco cigarettes, there are high chances that you surround yourself with peers and contemporaries too who are also smokers. Now it goes without mentioning that you would never feel like quitting cigarettes when you are surrounded by fellow smokers who are always instigating you to smoke. The harsh reality of life is that you should ditch smoking now and surround yourself with friends who are either non-smokers or who have switched to vaping. In fact, studies reveal that smokers are 20% more likely to ditch smoking when they hand around with people who vape electronic cigarettes.

So, if you surround yourself with positive people who have successfully quit smoking and have taken to vaping, you will very soon find out reasons to motivate yourself to ditch smoking as well. The smokers who are easily exposed to vaping are usually more motivated to quit smoking and they have also attempted to do the same.

How about making the switch to vaping?

As there is an increasingly large number of vapers in the UK, a study done by the Cancer Research UK found out that this hike in the number of people who are taking to electronic cigarettes have normalized the general attitude towards smoking. The researches have also show that smokers, who have got friends who vape are more easily able to quit smoking than those who don’t have such friends.

The Public Health England also announced in the year 2015 that the electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and vaping has got the power to influence a smoker to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. There are e-liquids available in different strengths and this means that you can boost your capabilities of becoming both nicotine and smoke free.

Surrounding yourself with positive and optimistic people

Whenever you’re trying to quit smoking, there’s no way in which you can get away from the kind of turmoil that you can face. In case you seem to be a part of the dedicated group of smokers, you may then even require making few new friends who don’t smoke. A healthier and safer lifestyle will be equivalent to a longer and happier life.

Therefore, now that you know the reasons why you should switch from smoker friends to vaper friends, it’s high time you bring about a change in your friend circle to cause benefit to your health.