Why to use calamari oil for cooking – 4 reasons


Calamari oil is thin oil derived from squid. It is dark brown in color which is free flowing and has attractive aroma & strong smell which goes well with all kind of sea foods. The oil has been in use for many years now but the recent research has shown many benefits of using calamari oil for the purpose of cooking or even as a supplement. It is the most ecological way of producing edible oil as squid, from which this oil is derived, though has short life span can reproduce very fast. Because of the short life span, the chances of its contamination with heavy metal like mercury etc. are quite less as compared to other fish having long lives.

  1. Calamari oil goes well with sea foods

Calamari oil is perfect companion of all sea foods whether for cooking or blending. Since it has a strong smell typical to the category of fish it belongs, it is widely used in many countries for fried dishes of sea food. Because of the wonderful aroma associated with this product, it blends really well even when it is used for garnishing a dish made of sea food.

  1. Calamari oil is rich in unsaturated Omega3 fats

Calamari oil has high content of unsaturated Omega3 fats along with DHA and is rich in EPA. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the human body and usage of calamari oil in food supplements the body with this important element because Omega3 can’t be synthesized by the human body and has to be provided through the diet only. All the body tissues have Omega 3 fatty acids and have heavy concentration in eyes, brain, nervous system as well as other vital organs of the body.

  1. Usage of calamari oil may prevent many diseases

Because of the high content of DHA available in calamari oil the human body is able to fight diseases and degeneration of the body better. It helps in preventing the age related problem of the eyes called macular degeneration. It makes the communication between the cells of the brain better and also helps in proper development & maintenance of the brain because the human brain is 60% fats and DHA is 40% out of this matter. Another important function of DHA is the prevention of heart disease. A combined daily dosage of 500mg of DHA & EPA is recommended for the same by the heart foundations. The studies show that DHA available in calamari oil may also prevent the memory loss as well as eye-sight degeneration in elderly.

  1. Calamari oil is better oil than other oils

Though there are host of oils available in the market like vegetable oil, sunflower oil, soybean oiland fish oil but calamari oil stands out amongst all of them because of the better health benefits offered by this oil as compared to any other oil because it is a true supplement to needs of the human body and that too in the most natural way.