Which Atomizer to Choose?


There are a lot of discussions about how atomizer is a less health-damaging habit than smoking regular cigarettes and even gave tips on how to use atomizer to quit smoking.

In addition, electronic cigarettes eliminate other negative effects caused by traditional cigarettes, such as coughing, decreased taste and smell, and bad breath.

The temperature of the smoke is much higher than that of steam, which is another positive factor of atomizer, making it less harmful to the throat and tongue.

All of the reasons we listed are a great indication of why you should choose to quit the traditional cigarette and opt for a atomizer.

Now that you know a little about this world, let’s give some tips for beginners, so you can choose the best atomizer model, one that will meet your needs and give you the best experience possible.

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What to know before you start

Are you smoker? Depending on how many cigarettes you consume daily, the type of atomizer you choose will change.

If you are a light smoker, we recommend that you use a pod. One that fits up to 2ml is enough to last all day.

If you smoke 1 pack a day, you can look for a larger kit with a larger mod that has a longer battery life and you can use it longer.

If you are used to hookah smoking then you are someone who already likes to do a lot of steam.

How to choose atomizer

It is good that you research well to understand what your purpose is when using an electronic cigarette. If you smoke a lot, if you smoke a little, if you smoke hookah, know that each of this information influences the type of atomizer you will use.

There are several models of smoke produced:

– Direct to lung: The drag goes straight to the lung. It releases a lot of steam and requires a larger battery.

– Mouth to lung: More like a cigarette. It makes less steam, usually cheaper options.

Which atomizer to start with?

They are the easiest kits and many of them are already assembled for beginners.

Just to name a few options, we have:

– Vapefly Brunhilde RTA: It provide rich airflow with up to 6 airholes, each is different in diameter. So, it also provides the option from a strong to mild flavor.

– Vape Pen 22: Simple design, great value for money and great taste!

– Breeze 2 AIO: Easy to use, has compact and ergonomic design with built-in battery.

After choosing the model, just choose the type of e-juice you will consume. The e-liquids, are made with elements widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, which makes them safe for human health.

You have a range of flavors and aromas at your disposal. At Vapeciga, you can find mango, acai, banana, blueberry, apple pie, melon and watermelon ice cream, among others, and they can come with or without nicotine. In addition, consumers can choose different levels of nicotine.

Quit smoking with e-liquid

You can start by using an e-liquid that contains nicotine. In this case, in addition to the substances that are normally present in e-juice, you will also find nicotine electronic cigarette liquid, the levels of which may vary according to the type of liquid you choose.

If the vaporizing habit is significant in your life, you can experiment with the available flavors until you find the one or ones you like best.

In this text, we explain more about e-liquids and how to stop smoking with them.

Knowing the e-liquids

The electronic cigarette, or vape, has been present for some years in people’s lives. With some long-term effects – as yet unknown – it is already certain that they are alternatives to the unknown cigarette. For adult smokers they offer an opportunity to reduce smoking-related illnesses.

Ideal for those who want to quit smoking, you can start by consuming more nicotine and reducing it as your need for it also decreases. It is a tasty solution to quit smoking!

Next, let’s talk more about e-liquids, their composition, how to use them to quit smoking, and more.

The e-liquid has a high surface tension and is easily vaporized. It has been used as a safer way than ordinary cigarettes to make nicotine reach the lungs for those who are substance dependent.

The liquids are divided into categories: puddings, fruity, desserts and even menthol. It is also possible to choose the nicotine content of your liquid. They are composed of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and essence. You’ll find a variety of options, from those that taste like tobacco and those that resemble a good Cuban cigar, to those that taste like a refreshing lemon, milk or cookie milk.

How to solve Spitback

If you have started using vapes and are experiencing a slight turn of the liquid in your mouth when you pull air through the mouthpiece, this is called spitback. Some causes for this problem, which is normal to occur, are:

– Your tank is too full. The solution is to fill the tank halfway to prevent its coil (resistance) from becoming too drenched with liquid.

– Poorly sourced liquid: Some liquids are light in density and are not suitable for use in electronic cigarettes. Always try to use recommended and known liquids. The use of liquids of unknown origin can cause damage to your health as well as damage your resistances or even your vape.

– Badly screwed coil inside the atomizer: When mounting your device, make sure the resistor is properly installed, as leaving some space between the coil and the atomizer base, as well as causing leaks, can increase the chances of spitback.

– Leave the device in a horizontal (lying) position: When storing it and not using it, leave it upright (standing).

Finally, it is important to know that spitback is quite common in All in One models (which have the battery included), as these are devices in which the tank is very close to the nozzle, making it easy to do so.