What makes online therapy more popular than the traditional therapy?


There is still a debate on regarding the online therapy vs. the traditional therapy system. As an increasingly large number of people try the smartphone and computer from their couch, both the therapy-goers and the mental health professionals are all set to discuss the benefits and cons. Though it is not a fact that online therapy is trying to replace traditional therapy but at the same time it is also true that it is probably the best fit for several million people.

If you have to decide which the better fit is for you, you have to weigh the pros and cons as against the type of life you lead. Let’s take a look at the pros of online therapy for the clients.

#1: Cost-effective

Even when you have minimum coverage on your health insurance policy, if you opt for the conventional therapy, this will cost you an average of $75 to $150 per every session. On the contrary of the price spectrum, you can get online therapy for a much lower cost and you will also get unlimited communications with very little investment.

#2: Frequent communication

There are many who don’t wish to wait for an entire week to have a chat with the therapist. This is when online therapy becomes easier as they can chat with their therapist several times in a day. For those critical patients who require frequent care, it is better to get in touch with a therapist.

#3: Convenience

Engaging yourself into online therapy is as easy as sending a text and letting the therapist know what you’re suffering from. No, there are no commutes to the office of the therapist and you don’t require adjusting your schedule accordingly. In case you’re using texting therapy, you don’t even require scheduling a session.

#4: Many means of communication

There are times when talking is not enough for expressing what you’re feeling and thinking. There are certain forms of online therapy, like the clients can write, they can talk with or without video and if needed, they can also chat through video calls. It is also possible to send pictures and communicate real time. In short, there are several ways in which you can communicate with your therapist when you’re on an online therapy.

So, now that you have gone through the pros of online therapy, do you agree with this list? If answered yes, make sure you get reliable online help from a reputable counselor.