What are the vaccinations to be taken during pregnancy?


Pregnancy is a situation where one has to be very controlled and careful about every step they take and every decision they make. Also the moment one conceives, the first thing they need to do is to go and see a gynaecologist. They are the only person who can check the condition of the mother and then treat her accordingly. Not only that, they also keep a track on the development of the baby from time to time and keep checking if there is anything abnormal.

There are plenty of things that has to be checked when one is pregnant. Now the question is, vaccination during pregnancy is needed or not. Well, according to medical studies there are some vaccines which have inactivated or killed viruses and they can be given to a woman when they are pregnant. But the vaccines that contain live viruses are not at all recommended to a pregnant woman.

There are 2 vaccines which are termed as routine vaccines for pregnant women. They are:

The Flu or the Influenza Shot

This flu shot is mainly recommended to women when they are pregnant. They should be given to them mostly during the flu season that runs between November to March so that the mother does nit catches flu which can harm the baby. The flu shot has some inactivated virus and so it is very safe for both the mother and the baby. But one has to avoid the nasal spray vaccine given during influenza because they are made from live virus.

The Tetanus toxoid and the Tdap Vaccine

When one is pregnant, then most doctors recommend at least a dose of Tdap vaccine. This is mainly given in order to protect the newborn from the disease of whooping cough or the pertussis. This does not depend on when the mother has last taken their Tdap or the tetanus diphtheria vaccine before. It is said that the best time to give this vaccination shot is in between the 27th and 36th week of pregnancy. When the Tdap vaccine is given during pregnancy it can actually protect the baby after birth till he or she is properly vaccinated. This is very important because both whooping cough and flu can be very harmful for the newborns.

If one is travelling abroad when they are pregnant then there is certain increase of risk in catching infection.  So, one needs to ask their doctor if there is any vaccine that is recommended to them. They might be asked to get Hepatitis A and B vaccines.

The doctors will always ask pregnant women to stay away from those vaccines which have live viruses because they are open to potential risks. They mostly include the measles vaccine, chicken pox vaccine and shingles vaccine.

So vaccination in pregnancy has to be a very careful attempt. One should always take help of their health care provider and also ask them which the perfect time to get the vaccines is. If that is done, then there are lesser chances of risks.