What are the true researches about Foods related to Cancer?

What are the true researches about Foods related to Cancer

The sick, knowing about the negative attitude of doctors to these methods, are often afraid or ashamed to ask about them. They fear the doctor may react with mockery or anger. You have to understand the psychological condition of a cancer patient. He will do anything to save himself.

One of the most serious diseases that modern medicine has to deal with is cancer, for many people it is known as “cancer”. Most people associate the word “cancer” with an incurable, rapidly progressive disease, which most often ends in death. In most cases, this association is unfortunately still correct, but with the development of medicine, this disease is increasingly becoming a treatable disease for oncologists.

Do you want to know what are carcinogens? Cancer is a group of diseases in which the cells of the body divide uncontrollably by the body and the newly formed cancer cells do not differentiate into typical tissue cells. The process of making abnormal cells is called “carcinogenesis” or “cancer.” From a physiological point of view, carcinogenesis is a very complicated process, sometimes even several years. The factors initiating carcinogenesis include: exposure to harmful radiation, infection with a specific virus, exposure to carcinogenic substances, mutations in the genetic material of the cell, or simply certain genetic predisposition in the form of congenital abnormalities. Neoplasms can be divided into: benign, locally malignant, malignant, epithelial and non-epithelial.

So far, misinformation about proper nutrition has caused much concern. Because of such misinformation, many people are unable to eat as much as they want. However, by re-examining the results of such a study, the researchers found that they were false. That is a report in Readers Digest confirms this. So, eat the food you want without hesitation and without saying whether it is harmful or not. Let us tell you that the following cancer fighting foods that are considered harmful and useless are not harmful, but useful:

Eggs: For years, experts have warned that it has many health benefits and harms. Is it true that because it is rich in cholesterol, it increases blood circulation and heart disease? Wrong. Researchers have been working to determine if eggs are really harmful to health. But the result was quite different. This is because it has many health benefits. The disease was found to be harmless.

Coffee: Coffee, which is drunk in the morning to wake up sleep, has been reported to be harmful to health. A 1981 study by Harvard University in the United States warned that coffee could cause incurable cancer. Other scientists, using selected research methods, have shown that coffee does not actually cause cancer. Not only that, but coffee is beneficial instead. They allege that the research is not complete and inexperienced, which is causing panic among the population.

Low-fat and low-fat foods: This is especially used by those who want to lose weight. It is believed that fats contain cholesterol, which leads to obesity. Researchers have given them this idea. True, eating too much fatty foods is always harmful, but eating too much fatty foods can lead to dehydration. Only occasionally can low-fat foods be used in dairy and meat products. But not everyone meets the requirements. This is because if there is not enough fat in the food, your digestion will be difficult and other viruses will be prevented.

Raw vegetables and fruits: Vegetables and fruits are tastier and healthier than cooked ones. But that’s not all. Some can be eaten delicious by cooking. And when we eat raw, the vitamins and nutrients in it affect our health. Such foods are considered to be one in a thousand medicines for those with high cholesterol. German researchers have come to the same conclusion. They surveyed 201 women and men who ate raw food. As a result, they had lower cholesterol.

Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables: These are not used as much as fresh ones due to the fact that they have lost their vitamins and nutrients. But it is the opposite. Fruits and vegetables left in the open all day from the field to the market lose their activity. However, if taken from the field and stored without freezing, freezing, or canning, the nutrients in such fruits and vegetables can be stored for a long time without spoiling or losing vitamins. Therefore, if you do not want to go without vitamins in the winter, you can use it in salads, compotes, jams, etc., without having to worry about the benefits. You should do it. You can also buy frozen and canned food. Canned goods, which are best sold in retail outlets, are in great demand and can be purchased at any time of the year.

Peeled fruits: They complement the range of very useful foods. Defeat them as much as you want. Especially peeled fruits are high in fat, but they are not harmful, but essential oils. The fats in it are very good for health. Roasted ground nuts, eat more nuts. Because the fats in it are three to four times more useful than ordinary fats and are not harmful to the heart. Peeled fruits contain vitamin E, magnesium, etc. rich in nutrients. It is also the best advice for those who are aiming to lose weight with its help.