What Are The Symptoms Of Varicose Veins?

What Are The Symptoms Of Varicose Veins

The twisting, entangling, or enlarging of veins is what we call varicose veins. Although, veins anywhere in your body might get enlarged or twisted it is most commonly found to be in the legs. This is primarily because of the increased pressure exerted on the lower body due to excessive walking. One needs to know the symptoms to recognize thread veins on legs as soon as they appear. 

Does not matter if you are looking to implement self-measures for the treatment or want to consult the doctor, knowing the symptoms is the first step. 

Easily Recognizable Symptoms Of Varicose Veins 

The symptoms of varicose veins can be classified into two types. In one of these types the person feels pain, hence, it is easily recognizable while in the other type the discoloration of skin has to be noticed among other symptoms.

  • Symptoms Involving Pain 

          Among the symptoms that involve pain, the most commonly found is a heavy feeling in the legs. Apart from the continuous heaviness in the legs, these symptoms might also include a burning sensation or optimized pain after sitting for a long time without moving at all. Itching around multiple veins is another one of the most commonly found symptoms and is often ignored by people. 

  • Symptoms That Do Not Involve Pain 

           These are the symptoms that people often tend to overlook. As they do not cause pain, they are slightly tougher to recognize if you do not have prior knowledge about the symptoms of varicose veins.The most common among them is the discolouration of veins. They often turn dark blue in color or at times purple. At times, the veins might also appear to be twisted in such a way that they appear like cords on the legs and can easily be recognized on closer inspection. 

It is wise to act as soon as possible when you see or feel any of these symptoms. There are quite a lot of easy to implement measures as well as advanced treatments for the same. So, it is better to gauge the degree of the entangling of your veins before you decide on a treatment. You can surf the internet to find home remedies or choose to rather consult a doctor in case your varicose veins have been worsening and causing discomfort. 

Risk Factors That Increase Chances Of Varicose Veins 

Although you might encounter such symptoms at any time of your life and at any age, there are certain factors that enhance the chances. Ageing is one such factor that increases the chances of you experiencing varicose veins. On the gender front, women have an increased chance of developing varicose veins when compared to men. 

So, if you are experiencing or witnessing such symptoms, make sure you consult a professional or look for easy remedies online.