Things to Know when Using Detox Marijuana Products

Detox Marijuana Products

Marijuana or weed is a plant that contains psychoactive or mind-altering chemical. There are individuals, who is smoking its dried flower or leaf through joints, pipes, bongs and blunts. While the others ingest it by mixing it in tea and edibles like cookies and candies. Some are even consuming this thru vaporizers. Actually, these marijuana users are aware that they are intoxicated by THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, but it seems like they do not mind the effect of this chemical. This only shows that they are now relying on the use of this plant. What if a hair follicle drug test was ordered?

Well, pretty sure that you will know what to do when that time comes, right? I guess, one of your options is to buy the best THC detox in the market. These products are all over the shops and it is quite difficult to figure out what works right because some of these come with a low quality. Therefore, be very careful and buy what is recommended for your safety, too. Anyway, you need a detox shampoo because you will perform a hair follicle drug test. If this is not required, then you may not have to use such products.

But to detoxify and cleanse your body from THC content is not easy, especially when you are required to do the hair drug testing. In this type of exam, they will need to cut 1.5 inches of about 150 strands and this must be the ones close to the scalp. They will use this sample to detect if there are trapped toxins there. If these unwanted chemicals had been there for 90 days, then they can be seen in the result. Now, what are the things that you need to know when choosing detox products?

What will the experts detect from you?

First, you have to know how this THC ended up in your follicle. This is a very important thing that you should understand when you are scheduled for a hair drug test. The experts are not actually looking for the THC. Instead, they are working to look for concentrations of THC-COOH or 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC from the sample that you are going to submit. The THC-COOH metabolite is a byproduct of a THC when broken down in the system.

Most of the time, this will go to the shaft and move through the sweat glands. While the others are passing through the bloodstream and gets into the follicle. The transfer of the metabolite is also possible through a contaminated hand or finger and surfaces. And then, as you smoke weed, it can be transferred, too. If you will notice, the THC is transferred through environmental factors and direct contact. Unlike the THC-COOH, which needs to move around the blood before reaching the hair follicle.

Since contamination is acquired in different ways, you cannot only depend on one method to flush the drug metabolites. Remember that this toxin from marijuana will be trapped into the hair follicle for 90 days after smoking. This is too long and you can’t let the order or requirement to wait, right? Now, what is your plan?

Available cleansing solutions on the market

Would you like to try a detox drink? Actually, this helps in lowering the level of THC-COOH in your body system, particularly in your urine. Therefore, this won’t work well when you are performing a hair drug test. Though you may still go for this as long as you know that it is safe. If you would not like to take this, then you better drink a lot of water and fresh fruit juice. This will help you cleanse your system and your blood as well. It would be great to eliminate toxins before it reaches the hair follicles.

Go to the shops and you will find pills and kits to for cleansing. There are even herbal and considered as food supplements. I suggest you to consult your doctor to check, if these pills really contain vitamins as well as minerals. It is for your own safety, anyway – remember that there are fake pills and kits. Bear in mind that most of these are full of promises that you can get rid of unwanted chemicals in just a few hours or days. If that is how they promote you a particular item, then you better avoid it.

How about a shampoo? Well, be meticulous because they will tell you that their shampoo can remove the THC. This is, indeed, a good promise, but you must keep this in mind. Removing the toxins from your hair follicle means that the solution will also damage it. When this happens, the laboratory experts will suspect that you are trying to avoid the said test. All you need is an extraordinary shampoo that will seal the contaminants, so that it can’t be detected during the screening. If you can find one, then use it right for the best result.

The dangers of using detox products

You should know that using any detox product is just a temporary solution to seal or remove drug metabolites. No matter how often you use this, marijuana dependency will still be there. It means that any psychological or behavioral issues will still be your problem. Sometimes, these items are not really effective because of low quality. If you happened to buy such, then you cannot achieve your goal. Be very careful in choosing the right product because some of these come with side effects. For example, it may lead to psychosis – find out more about this symptom that weed smokers acquire.

Do you think that the THC will be removed after detoxifying? Most manufacturers are just claiming that they can flush away the toxins. Be mindful because most of these are not all regulated and registered. Actually, the real solution is within yourself. If you will try your best to workout and abstain from weed smoking, then you will be able to eliminate the unwanted chemicals from your body system.