The Brain Nutrient

Selection of food that is good for the brain.

It is food:

In many ancient cultures and after proof even today, many scientists have come to the same conclusion that food is what dictates what we are. The type of nourishment that the brain requires for its balanced action is made in the human system itself. But some of us lack the nutrients and this calls for the external supply of the much needed vitamins and amino acids which the body on its own cannot produce. This is the age of not just the internet, but also of the brain nutrients or nootropic medicines or supplements. These substances make the functioning of the brain as it should be and the mind is kept at its active best and stress free all at the same time.

The combination:

The nootropic supplements are either available on their own as a single molecule or in combination with a vitamin or other nutrient. Here the discussion is about picamilon. It is necessary to mention that as a combination, picamilon contains GABA and niacin. GABA is the much needed amino acid for the balanced brain functioning and the vitamin here is niacin which helps to carry GABA to the neurons. It enhances the flow of GABA to the neurons and makes it calm, stress free and reduces the feeling of anxiety at best.

Mind balance:

The benefits of picamilon are quite distinctive when it comes to the brain chemical balance and thereby the way we behave and feel. When the right amount of the supplement is administered, the person feels less anxious, he is able to get the required hours of sleep which they otherwise suffer from insomnia, it reduces stress, it lifts the mood of the person for better. It can give a calm and composed personality without making you lethargic. It enhances the flow of blood to all the parts of the body especially the brain which it needs very much. When the proper circulation of blood is achieved, the brain chemical supply also improves and a positive change in personality, behaviour and cognition takes place for the good.

Personality elevation:

When the mind is at its calm best and stress free, there is a flow of positive energy in the whole system. The bouts of aggression that a person with chemical imbalance manifests are reduced and the aggression is reduced to composure. It improves cognitive levels, improves mental focus and concentration, the brain works at a better level which means the thought processes are improved, and such a person is quite capable of achieving what he or she wants.

Side effects:

There are certain side effects that are reported but none of which are serious or fatal. You may feel nausea, tingling and headaches. But these side effects will be relieved when you get used to the supplement. It always better to start with the small dosage and work your way up. This is best consulted with a physician before taking the supplement. The dosage has to be standardized according to the need of the person. In general, fifty to hundred fifty milligrams are available as capsules format. The dosage should be consulted with the doctor on all counts.

The cost:

The price of the supplements has to be known before consuming them. This requires the consumption of the supplements for a prescribed duration and this means you have to be aware of what it costs you. Thirty grams of the supplement is got at thirty dollars.

Since picamilon contains GABA and niacin, it is best suited as the niacin helps in carrying GABA to the cells at the required rate.