Hot sauces are a mandate which is preferred by the majority of the chefs in the world. Many people often follow the recipes to prepare these at home. There are many websites which rank these sauces according to the level of the heat they contain. This article will provide the information about some of thehottest hot sauce in the world.

Below are some of the hot sauces rated as per the level of heat and also rated as per the demand of the people across the world:

  1. Cholula, Jalisco:

The birth of this hot sauce took in the year 1989. This sauce has a perfect mixture of Pequin, Arbol peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Spices and some Xanthan gum. It is one of the most prominent hot sauces, which are appreciated more than the sauces of Louisiana. The moment you enter Mexico, you can feel the taste of this hot and spicy flavor in majority of the Mexican recipes. Many people in Mexico also address it as Flavorful Fire.

  1. Crystal, Louisiana:

Crystal was founded in 1923. There has always been a close rivalry between Crystal and Cholula, in terms of its flavor andheat. Talk about the majority of the authentic recipes of Louisiana, you would know what we are talking about. As per the Scoville scale for hot sauces, Crystal is a perfect definition of feeling tangy and spicy.

  1. Huy Fong Chili Garlic, California:

This hot sauce occurred in 1980. Chili garlic is one of the delicious lip smacking hot paste, that is needed in many authentic cuisines of California. The only reason it has come down to its level in the Scoville scale for hot sauces, is because of the thickness of its paste, which needs a spoon, instead of being squeezable.

  1. Tabasco, Louisiana:

Tabasco is no longer a hot sauce limited to the boundaries of Louisiana. This is one of the most prominent sauces in the world. The sauce came into the picture in 1868. It does not matter whether you are having salad, soups, breads, potatoes, pickles and alcoholic beverages; Tabasco is remembered as a major condiment. For your reference, Tabasco is higher in vinegar and liked by those who prefer more heat in their hot sauce.

  1. Texas Pete, North Carolina:

The sauce took its name in 1929 and as the name suggests, has a picture of a cowboy representing the culture of Texas. Many hot sauce lovers also address it as Mexican Pete. The sauce has many debates and controversies about not belonging to Texas but Mexico. The sauce has more watery limitation. Despite the complaints that it is a little more watery compared to other hot sauces, it works just fine when it comes to its taste. You may also use this as a Salsa sauce.

There are a lot more number of hot saucesin the list of the hottest hot sauce in the world. Feel free to explore the web, in case you wish to more in detail.