More people are switching to e-cigarettes. Here’s why


When e-cigarettes were introduced into the market around a decade ago, there was a lot of controversy on whether they would help people overcome cigarette additions. Many people were not very confident about their adoption until years later.

Today, the tide has changed and news of the benefits of e-cigarettes over regular combustible cigarettes keep cropping up in the media. As countries tighten their smoking and tobacco laws, people find vaping to be the best alternative to smoking. This is true especially in the UK where smoking laws are very tight.

Here are five more reasons why more and more people are ditching smoking in favor of vaping.

E-cigarettes are cheaper than regular cigarettes

The cost of traditional cigarettes varies widely mainly because of brand and location. However, e-cigarettes still manage to be cheaper than even the cheapest cigarettes. Let’s do some quick math. The average cigarette costs around $9 per pack. Using the average cost, smoking a pack a day can cost you around $2385 per year.

As for vaping, the prices are way cheaper. You can get a vaping starter kit for less than $100 plus around $600 for a year’s supply of vaping fluid and replacement coils. The total cost is around $700 per year, which is around a third of the cost incurred when smoking cigarettes. Why spend more when there is a cheaper option?

Vaping offers more choices

Most regular cigarettes come with a similar design, are not flavored and have a relatively similar tobacco content per stick. This means that even when you switch brands, you still buy something similar to what you are escaping. Choice sucks for smokers, and there isn’t much that you can do about it.

On the other hand, choice is the default selling point for e-cigarettes. They come in many designs to suit the needs of every customer. In addition, vaping fluid also comes in many flavors and with varying nicotine strengths. This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of what you buy and ensures that should your preferences change, you can always get a product that is suitable for you.

E-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes

Did you know that 80% of all lung cancer cases are related to smoking? That’s not shocking considering all the smoke that regular smokers have to inhale every time they smoke.

E-cigarettes don’t produce smoke, which makes them pretty much safer than cigarettes. Furthermore, there are more than a dozen harmful chemicals that are found in regular cigarettes but are absent in e-cigarettes. Most people who chose to vape over smoking do so to decrease their chances of suffering from many forms of cancers, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

Vaping eliminates second-hand smoke

A major reason why smoking in public is prohibited in many areas is due to second-hand smoke. When smoking, the smoke you exhale is just as harmful as what you inhale. And while smokers may be comfortable with cigarette smoke, it is those who are around them who have to suffer the consequences of second-hand smoke.

Vape pens release vapor instead of smoke, which means that the next time you are vaping near some people, you don’t have to worry about looking like a smoke stick.

Vaping leaves no odor

If you’ve ever smoked, you were probably disgusted by the odor that all that smoke you were exhaling left on your hands and clothes. While smelling like an ashtray all day is not a problem for individuals who work from home, the same cannot be said for their counterparts that spend their days in offices and around other people. The odor left behind by cigarette smoke is not only disgusting for the smokers but also for the nonsmokers around them.

Since there is no smoke, the vapor you exhale when using a vape pen has no odor. It means you can vape whenever you want without the fear of smelling like an ashtray.