Hundreds of healthcare jobs – and more insured residents – in Cook County, Illinois


Cook County’s health system has plans to add more healthcare jobs next year to keep up with growing number of enrollees in CountyCare.

Operated by the Cook County Health & Hospitals System, CountyCare is a no-cost health plan designed for the poor and uninsured of Cook County. CountyCare is expected to draw 10,000 new members in the next fiscal year, which will translate in a $647 million increase in revenue.

CountyCare currently has about 335,000 members. Cook County will see a boom in healthcare jobs it fills positions for managers, doctors, and physician assistants.

The success of CountyCare lies in the variety of services covered: prescription drugs, medical supplies, X-rays, post-hospitalization nursing, hearing and speech therapy, and even mental health services. To qualify for CountyCare, applicants must earn no more than $15,282 for individuals or $20,628 for a couple.

Another thing that makes CountyCare efficient? Technology.

An intelligent tracking system analyzes patients based on risk, complexity, and need, before sending them to patient-centered medical homes. What’s more, patients are tested for their risk of developing a chronic condition, as a way to avoid long-term illness. The data is later fed into an electronic health record-keeping system available to a network of doctors.

Cook County’s announcement is further proof that Illinois is making great strides in the health and tech space -a piece of Illinois healthcare news to be proud of. Increasing the accessibility to quality care for all patients stands out among major healthcare trends that will fuel the digital transformation of healthcare. Recent changes include a bill to give better Medicaid coverage to children with severe disabilities and changing the state essential health benefit (EHB)-benchmark plan. Read more about the latest technologies being used by the best healthcare startups