Complete Guide On Post Cycle Therapy

Cycle Therapy

If you are taking steroids, you are increasing your size and strength artificially that may leave you with several side effects. However, the real problem starts when you finish your cycle of steroids. Thus, during this cycle, your body starts cruise control and do not produce hormones naturally. For this reason, you need PCT or post cycle therapy guide.

PCT is an important process that many people go through when they have finished the cycle of steroids. An objective is getting your body back to the normal state so that it can naturally start producing hormones once again. When the run of steroids gets over, user can start the post-cycle therapy that will last from 30 – 45 days.

What’s Post Cycle Therapy?

PCT or Post Cycle Therapy are the products taken after the pro-hormone cycle and re-start testosterone production, regenerate liver cells, decrease estrogen, and helps to maintain the lean muscle mass. Thus, you need to buy post course steroids to get back you’re the normal levels. Even though you make use of some medications that have got very little or no androgenic effects and your natural levels get a bit altered. This is where the oestrogen blockers come useful to get rid of any kind of possible feminization effects or stimulate natural testosterone production. PCT medication is quite different, it is oral or injectable, hormonal and non-hormonal and more. These post course steroids therapy has to get supervised by the doctor and trainer to ensure that you take the right amounts of product you want. 

How Long Will It Take For The Testosterone Levels To Get Normal?

Suppose you skip your PCT, it might take 1 to 4 months for the natural testosterone to come to the normal level.  During such time, you may likely lose the gains that accrued during the cycle, and your libido may drop, and can encounter some undesirable side effects. With the PCT your whole body restores the natural testosterone formation, locking in the gains and decreasing any potential side effects.

Potential Side Effects When You Stop Taking PCT?

  • Fat and Water Retention
  • Gyno (bitch tits)
  • Endocrine System Damage
  • Muscle Loss

How Long Can I Take PCT?

PCT must begin a day after the pro-hormone cycle ends, typically it can run for 4 weeks.

Ingredients Found in PCT

Saw Palmetto, Milk Thistle, D-Aspartic Acid and NAC, are mainly found in the PCT products, even though every formula is made differently.

Difference Between PCT and Cycle Support

The Cycle Support products actually are taken during the pro-hormone cycle for protecting your liver as well as prevent increases in your cholesterol levels and blood pressure.  The PCT product can be taken on completion of the cycle and also promotes testosterone production, and preserving the hard-earned muscle mass gains & preventing from any undesirable side effects.