All about Child Regression – When the baby comes out


The first burst of happiness for any mother comes from her child and as they grow older mothers tend to get more possessive of them. As an infant losing sight of your child is a mother’s worst nightmare. The child slowly develops cracking the very mould that held it together for years. As your precious little ones grow they exhibit certain mannerisms that are quite juvenile. You tend to not notice them as these signs are mild and you might shoo them off as their childlike behaviour. But these signs are vital in the growth of any child and they decelerate a child’s growth.

These signs trigger what is called child regression. They are common in babies but even toddlers and sometimes adults too can show these signs. Child regression when baby comes out, child reg is also common. Regression is visible in the routine life of a child and sometimes they are so spontaneous that you don’t find anything unusual in them. These signs become a worrying factor as the child grows since the cause for these signs can stem from fear. A fear of some kind can deter your child from doing what someone their age would do. You are so indulgent that you overlook them.

Some of these signs are sucking a thumb or coaxing for a pacifier to go to sleep. These signs are a warning if manifested by a toddler or an adult. These signs may have triggered from frustration, stress or some traumatic experience in your child’s life. Your child may have poor communication skills and so is rotting or behaving differently to get your attention. These signs start to become disturbing as your child manifests these mannerisms in front of someone else and continues to do so.

The most common type of regression is sleep regression. It occurs in various stages of a baby’s initial years. When a baby is 4 months,6 months.8 months,11 months and 2 years. The most common phase is at 6 months and the baby sleeps at various intervals instead of taking a long nap. When a baby wakes up at wee hours of the night or day and remains sleep deprived without any particular reason. The 4-month regression is permanent and completely changes the sleep cycle of babies. This stage of regression modulates them to sleep a certain way.

Regression is symbolic of the growing stress in a child’s life. Whether it is about burdening the child with academics or exposing the child to the hazards of technology. There is a certain type of regression that occurs in a toddler called development regression. This type of regression is characterized by abilities going downslide in a child that is that going backwards in the regular activities. They lose track of how they currently function whether is feeding, sleeping or toilet training. They resort to this previous stage of how they function. It can be an initial sign of autism.