Acne- The Painful Skin Ailment


Acne has been a very common problem especially within the age group of 11 to 30 years. Though the real causes behind its occurrence have still not been identified, yet some possible factors can be considered that lead to this medical condition of the skin. The skin is a very sensitive part of our body and needs to be handled with a lot of care.

The renowned dermatologist, Dr. Kenneth M Reed, who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of acne for more than 25 years is of the view that, just like we conduct regular check ups of our health, our skin too needs to checked regularly. Visits to dermatologist is a must so as to be aware of any sort of malignant attack in the form of cancer.

Acne has different types too. The one that is prevalent among infants is known as Acne infantilis, the one which attacks middle-aged people is called Rosacea, and the one that may afflict anyone irrespective of color or age is called Acne Vulgaris, but the good thing is that it is not contagious.

The primary factors that seem to be causing acne are: hormonal, environmental and nutritional. Let us get into a little bit of details here. Adult women and adolescent girls are frequently faced with the problem of changing levels of hormones like androgens. Puberty in girls and the consumption of birth control pills by adult women are a probable cause of this.

Heredity has also been accused of giving way to acne in many children. Even the use of drugs like androgens and lithium contribute to the outbreak of acne apart from the inclination of inheriting acne problems from their parents.

The specialists of dermatology at DermASAP founded by Dr. Kenneth M Reed, are extremely capable of helping you get rid of acne for your entire life. They do not just superficially address the problem by merely prescribing medicine that need to be applied on the acne. Instead along with the medication they also suggest to you a proper and healthy lifestyle involving the consumption of a balanced diet.

Our immediate environment is a major reason that is responsible for the outburst of acne in individuals. The high rate of pollution from the industries pollute the air, water and other resources of nature making our living atmosphere unsuitable for survival. The heat of the sun, the changes in the climate, excessive humidity are all contributors of attack of acne.

The common practice of applying moisturizers, make up and cosmetics could also be responsible for the outbreak of acne, and hence too much of that should be restricted. At times the allergies caused by the reaction of usage of make up can lead to the breakout of acne. Stress and anxiety are the others reasons that could be the probable reasons behind the eruption of acne.

Acne is something which has no restrictions with age, it could occur to children of merely 11 years to adults of even above 40 years. It is thus important to maintain a regular checkup of skin in addition to living a healthy and proper life.