AAKG Positively Affect Vasodilatation and Cellular Metabolism for Gaining Muscle Pumps


Alpha ketoglurate is a negatively charged compound that encompasses a double oxygen/carbon bond (ketone). It is a derivative of adenosine triphosphate production, which is the key energy source needed for cellular metabolism. L-arginine (amino acid) is associated directly with nitric oxide synthesis, which is essential for its vasodilatation abilities.

AAKG or arginine alpha ketoglutarate supplement is a merger of alpha L-arginine and alpha ketoglutarate.

Health benefits

AAKG supplements increases nitric oxide amount, thereby accommodating vasodilatation. The widening of blood vessels allows more blood to pass through without any rise in your intravenous blood pressures. This function enables to delivery more nutrients, in order to gain healthy muscles, increase their size, strength, and endurance.

Body builders and weightlifters use AAKG for muscle gains as well as to enhance performance. In addition, AAKG increases insulin levels, which is believed to promote muscle strength, growth, and healing abilities.

Medical benefits

Heart surgeons prescribe AAKG to make sure that there is adequate flow of blood, during a surgery. Basically, sedative effect of anesthesia reduces the heart rate, but with AAKG it gets enhanced, thus neutralizing potential side effects.

Many post-operative patients are also prescribed AAKG to prevent any kind of muscle waste, when they are recovering. Type II diabetics along with hypertensive patients are given low level of L-arginine. These conditions often trigger an increase in enzyme called arginase, which negatively affects L-arginine.

Gaining Muscle

Doctors use AAKG for treating kidney, liver, and specific bacterial infections. Females experiencing recurring yeast infection get relived through AAKG supplementation. Studies are still ongoing to make AAKG an effective immune system strengthener.

Side effects of AAKG

Arginine alpha ketoglutarate is free from grave side effects. The minor issues observed or reported are gastrointestinal disturbances, burping, dizziness, and heart palpitations. However, some above disorders involved other medications besides AAKG. Until now no drug or food interactions due to AAKG supplements have been reported. However, talk to your doctor before adding it to your program.

Clinical studies

In a clinical study of eight weeks, 16 weightlifters participated. They were given 4 gm AAKG three times in a day. Observation was as follows –

  • No complains of side effects
  • No changes in BP or heart rate
  • No abnormalities in blood screens
  • No depressing changes in mental health, sleep or sex drive
  • Still studies are needed for ensuring the increase and strengthening of muscles were related to AAKG or not

Various clinical studies have reported that AAKG supplements deliver long lasting muscle pumps. When athletes intensely work on their muscles more blood floods in these muscles providing big and hard pumps.